Sabtu, September 29, 2007

It's not about Java-Script at all!

"Born Javanese" is planned to become my sharing site about Javanese: language, culture, arts, people, etc. As I know there are few people knowing about Java Island (people and its culture) instead of Java-Script, so I make this blog. It's just another blog about Javanese people. And as it is about Javanese, so I'll use Javanese or Indonesian more than English. As possible as I can try, I'll write in English also. Hopefully you foreigners won't be disappointed of this and can still enjoy and found something from it.

Welcome to my country Java wherein I was born 35 years ago!

This is just my introduction to start my sharing.
Thanks for dropping by, and please enjoy my blog with my up-coming articles.

Best regards,

Kandar Ag.

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