Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X's Promises

On August 29th, 1988 before the departure of his father (the late Hamengku Buwono IX) to America for a medication, Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X said "Yes!" to him. His father asked Herjuno Darpito (the real name of HB X) to promise him to fulfill the four following missions:

  • to shelter everyone no matter if they don't like Herjuno.
  • not to break the state's rules.
  • to be more brave to say the truth: the right one is right, and the wrong one is wrong!
  • not to have any ambition but to make people prosperous.
Sri Sultan told this in a TV talk-show "KickAndy" at MetroTV when Andy questioned him about his possibility of being chosen in the election next 2009. More of the interview can be seen on KickAndy's site.

No doubt, just like father like son, Sri Sultan HB X is a charismatic leader, not only culturally but also politically.

I just want to underline the promises as a struggle to live wisdoms inherited by his father, the former King of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat. It's so obvious that the items are deeply from the heart of a real Javanese. The wisdoms are based on the Javanese ethics. There’s a Javanese traditional saying about how to run the role of living; it is as a vision and mission of man’s life:
“Sepi ing pamrih rame ing gawe, narima ing pandum, mamayu hayuning bawana – , to go primarily for none of self-intention while working with others pro-actively, to be grateful to the given role within the universe, and to take part of beautifying the world’s beauty.
Humbly the father said to his son to be "more" brave to say the truth. He did not tell him how brave he was to tell the truth so far. Instead, he wanted him to be "more" than what his father did. It is a sacred mission for my Sultan to fulfill his promises.

In God's providence he will, I believe. ***

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